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Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2011
(June 2011)
The Muslim Health Network is preparing for one of its principal annual projects, initiated in 2001, the Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign.
South Asian Community Organ Donation Campaign
(Feb 2010)
Working in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, MHN helped promote and deliver the highly successful South Asian Community Organ Donation Campaign.
MHN & Arabic Quitline working Towards a Smoke Free Future Campaign
(Dec 2009)
In association with over 100 principal community stakeholders in the British Arab Community, MHN and the Arabic Quit Line an initiative of the national smoking cessation charity QUIT, organised and delivered the Towards a Smoke Free Future campaign.
Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2007
(Tuesday 10th July 2007)
The blessed month is approaching, following the welcomed ban on smoking in public places watershed of 1st July, the Muslim Health Network is in a buoyant and determined mood to get as many Muslims as possible to relinquish this unpleasant, unhealthy and smelly habit once and for all, this Ramadan!...
MHN Assists UK Transplant’s ‘Can we Count on you?’ Initiative
(June 2007)
The Muslim Health Network recently endorsed and supported the UK Transplant’s organ donation campaign, which targeted the Asian community.
In Defence of Muslim Doctors
(Thursday 5th July 2007)
In light of the recent attempted car bombings in London and the attack on Glasgow Airport, the Muslim Health Network categorically denounces these vile and reprehensible actions...
MHN Pleased with the Advent of a Smoke Free England
(Monday 2nd July 2007)
As a staunch anti-smoking advocate, the Muslim Health Network welcomed the smoking in public places ban which came into effect on 1st of July 2007...
Child Vaccination In Islam
(29th Jan 2007)
From a general Islamic jurisprudence perspective there is agreement amongst the scholars that vaccinations in principle are permissible and there are various Quranic references and prophetic narrations...
Accommodating Faith within the NHS
(16th Jan 2007)
Professor Aziz Sheikh of Edinburgh University recently commented on the need for more specific health services for Muslims, this was welcomed and broadly supported by the Muslim Health Network.
Tobacco & Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2006
(3rd Oct 2006)
Ramadan is fast approaching and the Muslim Health Network is gearing up for another Smoke Free Ramadan with the appreciated involvement of both the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Executive.
Wake up to No Smoking Day 2005
(5th Feb 2005)
Our smoking brethren always state that they want to give up cigarettes, but have difficulty in setting a date. Well that special time of year has arrived again and No Smoking Day is around the corner...
Healthcare Commission Consultation
(11th Feb 2005)
The Healthcare Commission exists to promote improvement in the quality of healthcare in England and Wales...
The Smoke Free London Forum
(5th Feb 2005)
The London Health Commission operates through a number of forums that consider the impact of health inequalities on the lives of Londoners...
MHN Welcomes the Government White Paper on Smoking and Obesity
(15th Nov 2004)
The Muslim Health Network (MHN) welcomes the government White Paper on Public Health launched today.  MHN supports the government and its efforts in improving public health, as it has addressed the key issues that the Muslim Health Network has been advocating since 2003.
Its Official: British Muslims have the Worst State of Health
(14th Nov 2004)
The National Census 2001, which for the first time collated data on religious groups within Britain has revealed shocking new evidence on the poor state of health amongst British Muslims. The recently evaluated information indicates that Muslims have the highest rates of reported ill-health.
Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2004
(27th Aug 2004)
Once again the Muslim Health Network is preparing for the Tobacco & Second-Hand Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2004 in conjunction with QUITand the British Heart Foundation...
MHN Smoking Cessation Training Day Birmingham
(21nd July 2004)
After organising a successful Smoking Cessation Training Day in London and having received a number of requests for a similar event in the Midlands...
MHN Stop Smoking Training Day
(22nd June 2004)
MHN organised a smoking and tobacco cessation training day at the Ebrahim Communiy College in London, with the kind assistance of QUIT.
Muslims communities urged to Choose Health
(4th March 2004)
The Muslim Health Network (MHN) welcomes the Secretary of State for Health’s new public health initiative "Choosing Health " launched today it will consultant with British society on a White Paper on obesity, smoking and sexually transmitted infection.
MHN Launches its Healthy Heart Campaign 2004
The Muslim Health Network has initiated a Healthy Heart Campaign to build general awareness on keeping our hearts healthy and fit.
MHN supports the Arabic Quitline launch 2003
The Arabic Smokers Quitline is a unique and important smoking cessation initiative aimed at the UK’s large Arab populous.
Tobacco & Second-Hand Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2003
The Muslim Health Network is pleased to announce the successful completion of this years Smoke Free Ramadan Timetable Campaign. With the help and assistance of QUIT(supported by the British Heart Foundation) ...

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