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MHN Smoking & Tobacco Cessation Training Day 2004

Ever since its introduction into the Muslim community in the 17th Century, tobacco has killed and ruined the health of countless Muslims.

Today, it still creates great controversy and despite knowing the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke, many cities are finding that their attempts to ban smoking in public places is being met with stiff opposition.

The World Health Organisation’s Eastern Mediterranean Section produced a report "Islamic Ruling on Smoking" in Muharram 1409 AH (August 1988) that summarised the opinion of many scholars. They ruled after intense study of the Quran and Sunnah (religious scriptures) that smoking can now be classified as totally un-Islamic.

MHN organised a Smoking & Tobacco Cessation Training Day on the 22nd of June 2004 at the Ebrahim Community College in London. This free event was primarily arranged for the benefit of Imams, teachers and individuals working within the community. On the day people in attendance included, Imams, youth workers, specialist smoking advisors, community representatives, health development workers and smoking cessation co-ordinators.

The programme consisted of lectures addressing the Islamic perspective on smoking, tobacco as a global health problem, understanding tobacco use/addiction and the importance of counselling. After lunch a number of small group workshops provided for a more direct and informal discussion amongst team members and training staff, on areas such as identifying different smoker types, how to advise, support and prevent relapse. MHN would like to express its gratitude and thanks to all those who attended and to QUIT for their invaluable support and assistance in arranging what we hope was a successful and informative experience.

To view an online version of the course, visit Smoking & Tobacco Cessation Training Course.






Smoking & Tobacco Cessation Training Course

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