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The Muslim Health Network has been established to play a principle role in promoting, preserving, and protecting health and health education amongst Muslim Communities in the UK. The strategic aspirations of the network are to improve the standard of health and well being within the community through information, support, news, advice, events and the promotion of general health issues. The network will endeavour to encourage and organise co-operation between representatives of the voluntary organisations and statutory authorities engaged in health improvement and promotion activity within the community. It will further attempt to redress health inequalities and to advance education and training in health issues affecting the United Kingdoms 1.6 million Muslim community.

The Muslim Health Network Board and Structure
The MHN working committee is composed of a board of trustees, support organisations and an advisory medical panel. The board of trustees comprises of a diverse array of professionals from the health, media, education and business sectors. Support organisations and affiliates include a multitude of established and accepted institutions working within the Muslim community, such as mosques, charities, community welfare groups, Islamic book shops, Muslim schools, sports and social groups. All health initiatives, news and advice will be supervised by the MHN medical panel made up of GP’s, dentists, opticians, health specialists and practitioners.

The MHN working committee will be responsible for collating, preparing and disseminating health promotion, education, support, advice and training via customised health campaigns, newsletters, seminars and community events. All initiatives and campaigns will be initialised at both regional and national level, with the participation of government departments, NHS, Primary Care Trusts, hospitals, official organisations such as the BHF, QUIT, Diabetes UK etc, community groups/businesses, mosques and health professionals.

MHN aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Muslim community and all individuals who interact with the organisation, through the outlined schedule, with the partnership, support and assistance from key institutions and health professionals. Our ethos is to build friendly, co-operative and strategic alliances with all community and health operatives.

MHN Operational Framework