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Tobacco & Second-Hand Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2005

Once again the Muslim Health Network is preparing for the Tobacco & Second-Hand Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2006 in conjunction with QUIT, the National Health Service, the British Heart Foundation, the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Executive.
This year the MHN has re-designed, enhanced and improved the reach and effectiveness of the campaign based upon the suggestions and comments of community leaders, Imams, smoking cessation advisors and health professionals by adding a ‘Healthy Eating Guide’ and a ’Quit Smoking Guide’ on the reverse of the timetable.
The Ramadan Campaign will once again aim to help members of the Muslim community, who have an above average number of smokers compared with the rest of the population, to give-up smoking. As last years enclosed copies indicate, MHN offers the design, print, collation and distribution of Ramadan (Fasting) Timetables to Mosques within your area for the Ramadan period. A period when large numbers of Muslims attend the Mosque for worship and will use these timetables on a daily basis.
Ramadan is a time when Muslims abstain from food, drink and for those who smoke, cigarettes, during daylight hours. Hence it is an ideal opportunity to help the large number of Muslim smokers in the UK, give up smoking once and for all. In line with this, the Muslim Health Network is currently approaching PCT's, Health Authorities and Smoking Cessation Departments throughout the UK to offer this unique service that can disseminate important, dedicated and directed smoking cessation information to the Muslim community and help people give-up smoking!
With the assistance and kind support of local PCT’s, we were able to distribute over 113,000 timetables free of charge in over 80 mosques across the country, a figure we hope to expand on this year.
If you need any further information then please contact Yeasin Ahmed on:
020 8799 4475


Allah (swt) tells us in the Holy Qur’an: "Do not kill (or destroy) yourselves for verily Allah (swt) has been most merciful to you" Al-Qur'an 4:29




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