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MHN Pleased with the Advent of a Smoke Free England

As a staunch anti-smoking advocate, the Muslim Health Network welcomed the smoking in public places ban which came into effect on 1st of July 2007. There is little doubt that by creating a healthier environment, the ban will protect those who have been the unfair recipients of illness invoking second-hand smoke for far too long, and act as a possible form of inducement to encourage people to give-up. It is also hoped that the ban will reap significant public health benefits, as studies in Italy suggest that subsequent to a public smoking ban, one particular region saw an 11% fall in hospital admissions for heart attacks after a six-month period. This was attributed by researchers to the ban on smoking and related reduction in exposure to passive smoking. The MHN team has been busy advising and directing various community institutions and businesses which were unaware or unprepared, thereby ensuring their compliance with the new Smoke Free regulations.

By joining the list of countries which have legislated similar bans such as Ireland, Norway, Italy and Sweden, England has subscribed to an elite group of states which have improved the future health of their populace in one broad stroke, by initiating a bold and decisive form of public health policy.



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