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Healthcare Commission Consultation

The Healthcare Commission exists to promote improvement in the quality of healthcare in England and Wales. It aims to do this by becoming an authoritative and trusted source of information with a statutory duty to assess the performance of healthcare organisations, award annual performance ratings for the NHS and coordinate reviews of healthcare by others.

The Commission assesses the performance of all organisations that provide health services by giving every health trust an annual rating on its performance. There are seven key areas of standards which are assessed, safety, clinical & cost effectiveness, governance, patient focus, accessible & responsive care, care environment & amenities and public health. MHN was invited to the commission’s recent consultation event on systems of assessment. The discussion and workshops centred on how best the public and patients should be involoved in the new proposed system of assessment, identifying and measureing what matters to patients and enhancement of the range of specific questions that should be asked during assessment. Having contributed towards these and other topics such as evaluation, delivery and communication strategies the MHN team would like to thank the commission for being invited.

If you have any comments or concerns related to your local healthcare organisations and health services, which have or you feel may affect you as a Muslim patient then please e-mail us at info@muslimhealthnetwork.org

For futher informatin on the work of the Healthcare Commission please view their website.



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