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The Smoke Free London Forum

The London Health Commission operates through a number of forums that consider the impact of health inequalities on the lives of Londoners, and what may be done to reduce disadvantage. As a member organisation, the Muslim Health Network attended the first meeting of the Smoke Free London Forum on the 9th of February 2005.

The figures indicate that some 2 million Londoners smoke and that smoking caused more than 10,500 deaths of people aged 35+ in London during 2001. Estimates show that half of all smokers die early as a result of their habit and lose on average 14 years of life. Hospital admissions to treat smoking-related disease are estimated to cost the NHS £105 million a year. London has also been identified as the least successful of the nine English regions in terms of smoking cessation.

The purpose and the aims of the Smoke Free London Forum are to consider the impact of tobacco use on the health and economy of London, review actions taken by member agencies to reduce the harm caused by tobacco, propose actions to improve the health of Londoners and provide a reference group for Smoke Free London. The detailed initial meeting agenda addressed an array of issues such as, implementation of tobacco sales regulations, tobacco control alliances, tobacco smuggling/illicit sales and cultural attitudes towards tobacco amongst minority groups. For further information on the London Health Commission please view, www.londonshealth.gov.uk

All figures taken from ‘Tobacco in London: The Preventable Burden’, London Health Observatory



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