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Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2011

Working in association with regional Primary Care Trusts the National Health Service, QUIT the national smoking cessation charity and the British Heart Foundation, this years project aims to improve on last years impressive and successful campaign which saw over 100,000 free Healthy Eating Guide & Ramadan timetables distributed in 100 Mosques across the UK.

Ramadan which will falls between 21st July and 18th August this year, is a time when Muslims abstain from food, drink and for those who smoke, cigarettes, during daylight hours. Hence it is the ideal time to help the large number of Muslim smokers in the UK, to give up smoking. The Muslim Health Network is currently liaising with PCT's, and smoking cessation departments throughout the UK to offer a service that can disseminate important, dedicated and directed smoking cessation information to the Muslim community and help people kick the habit!

This year the campaign will feature Smoke Free Ramadan Timetables and Posters. The Timetables will contain telephone numbers for Quit and the NHS Stop Smoking service in English, Arabic, Bengali and Urdu, along with your local PCT Stop Smoking logos and details. On the reverse of the timetable there will be a “Healthy Eating” guide. Timetables will be distributed according to each mosque’s congregation size.
We will also be planning an e-broadcast to 100,000 Muslim emails. The email will contain generic information on the risks of smoking as well as information and support (link to NHS Stop Smoking Service) on how to give up.

The Network undertakes all aspects of project delivery, including Mosque liaison, design, print, collation and distribution of Ramadan (Fasting) Timetables to Mosques within your area for the Ramadan period. A period when large numbers of Muslims attend the Mosque for worship and are guaranteed to collect and use the Ramadan/prayer timetable on a daily basis.

The cut-off date for ordering timetables and campaign material is Friday July 2nd 2012.

To receive a previous years sample pack or for further details, please contact the project co-ordinator Hassan on 020 8799 4475 or email info@muslimhealthnetwork.org


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