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Its Official: British Muslims have the Worst State of Health

The National Census 2001, which for the first time collated data on religious groups within Britain has revealed shocking new evidence on the poor state of health amongst British Muslims. The recently evaluated information indicates that Muslims have the highest rates of reported ill-health.

The general health question in the 2001 census being referred to asked, ‘Over the last 12 months would you say your health, has on the whole been Good, Fairly Good, Not Good?’. Alarmingly, after having made allowances for the distribution of different age groups within the community, Muslims were found to have the worst health, with Muslim women reporting ill-health more widely than Muslim men.

Another area of concern uncovered the terrible incidence of disability amongst Muslims, the highest rate amongst all the religious groups in the UK. Approximately a quarter of Muslim women and a fifth of Muslim men reportedly suffer form of disability or long-term illness which restricts daily activities.

The census results should act as type of watershed within the community. We should act collectively now before the situation deteriorates any further. On an individual, family, local and regional level, efforts should be made to change the community mindset and attitudes towards healthier diets, regular sustained exercise and healthier living. This requires a strategically planned, co-operative approach from local community representatives, mosques/Islamic Centres, health professionals, all community organisations/charities and regional primary care authorities.

The Muslim Health Network has been initiated to function as a medium for engagement and reform in our outlook on health. We cordially invite all the above and especially the community at large to assist us, in our future campaigns and initiatives to help build a healthier community, society and more prosperous future.

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National Census Report 2001

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