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Child Vaccination In Islam

From a general Islamic jurisprudence perspective there is agreement amongst the scholars that vaccinations in principle are permissible and there are various Quranic references and prophetic narrations which support this view on the grounds that it is a duty upon every Muslim to ward off harm as much as he can. In regard to the Islamic Medical Associations’ Dr Khatme’s statement concerning baby vaccinations, we feel he is bringing to the fore issues and concerns that have long existed regarding the possible harmful side-effects of vaccination overload on a young babies fragile system, the Islamically unlawful ingredients from which some of these vaccines are derived, the dangers of chemical content such as Mercury and his emphasis on the importance of encouraging the natural development of the immune system, as was the case before medical advancements. There is absolutely no harm in opening a constructive debate on this topic, the network would however advise Muslim parents to review all available information and rely on the advice of their health practitioner.


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