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Tobacco & Second-Hand Smoke Free Ramadan Campaign 2003

The Muslim Health Network is pleased to announce the successful completion of this years Smoke Free Ramadan Timetable Campaign. With the help and assistance of QUIT(supported by the British Heart Foundation), 16 Primary Care Trusts and 80 central mosques throughout the UK, the Muslim Health Network was able to organise, design, print and distribute over 113,000 Ramadan Timetables.

A standardised design relayed a stop smoking message and related quitline information, it also included translation in Urdu, Gujrati, Turkish, Hindi and Arabic. Individual, customised timetables for participating mosques with their details and information were then overprinted onto the base copies. Muslims attending the various mosques could then attain and display the timetables in their homes during the blessed month of Ramadan, in which Muslims fast from dawn till dusk.

Timetable for Islamic Cultural Centre, London

The response so far suggests the campaign was well received within the community and benefited a significant number of individuals. Just some of the comments received have been posted for your viewing. MHN would like to say a big thank you to all those involved and in particular the following:

British Heart Foundation
Wandsworth PCT
Lewisham PCT
East Birmingham PCT
Bradford PCT
Rochdale PCT
Chorley PCT
Newham PCT
Merton PCT
Ealing PCT
Hounslow PCT
Waltham Forest PCT
Sheffield PCT
Luton PCT
Welsh Assembly Government
Warwickshire PCT
West Wiltshire PCT
Dudley PCT

Just had to write and say thank you, the Smoke Free timetable encouraged me to cut down on my cigarette intake during the month of Ramadan and I am hoping to quit soon. Keep up the good work!
Farooq, Birmingham

I liked your Ramadan timetable very much, it made me want to give up smoking everyday in the month of Ramadan. I am happy to say that I actually gave up for the first time in the last week of Ramadan, pray that I can keep it up. Thanks for your support, it was an excellent idea.
Sulayman, Wales

Thanks for the timetable, I pestered my dad to call the number shown, which he eventually did. I hope the support he gets helps him kick this dirty habit for good!
Zainab, N.London

My husband Asif has been smoking for 17 years, since we got married. He gave up this Ramadan but has unfortunately started smoking again. With support from his family, friends and the helpline I hope he tries to give up again, once and for all Insha-Allah(God Willing).
Faiza, W.London




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