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MHN Launches its Healthy Heart Campaign 2004

The Muslim Health Network has initiated a Healthy Heart Campaign to build general awareness on keeping our hearts healthy and fit. The heart is an amazing and hard-working organ, which requires our attention and care.

This amazing muscular pump has the ability to lubricate and repair itself and is in fact two pumps working as one. It is capable of an almost instant variation of blood output ranging from 3 to 18 litres. The amount of work it performs is truly astonishing, it has been said that its work output is equivalent to a man lifting a 6kg weight to a height of 5 feet, once each minute. A person would probably be exhausted after lifting the weight a few dozen times. However the heart keeps on pumping, day after day, year after year.

MHN have begun the Healthy Heart Project by producing a colourful and informative A3 laminated poster which encourages healthy eating, exercise, smoking cessation and includes interesting facts with details on Heart Attack and CPR. The posters will be distributed and displayed throughout the UK in central mosques and community centres. If you feel the poster could be useful in your locality, please contact MHN. Remember we only have one heart, so lets look after it!

MHN would like to thank the British Heart Foundation for its contribution in the Healthy Heart Campaign 2004.

To view the poster in more detail click here



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