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Q: My son keeps getting head lice
My five year old son keeps being sent home from school with head lice. We have tried several shampoos, is there anything else we can use?

A: Dr Khalid says
Head lice are a common problem amongst school children. They can become persistent in nature when not treated properly at home, resulting in a cycle of re-infection among school friends. A thorough course of treatment is usually sufficient in tackling the problem.

A variety of head lice shampoos or chemical treatments are available at your local chemist. It should be noted that head lice can become resistant to treatments, hence it is advisable to use them in rotation. Remember to ask your GP or chemist about the particular treatment that has been recommended in your area and treat the entire family whilst following the instructions precisely. Other treatments that can be used in conjunction with shampoos include, combing with a fine tooth-comb or using a electronic comb specifically designed to treat head lice infection.

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