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South Asian and Black Caribbean men were more likely than men in the general population to have consulted their GP in the past two weeks, and to have more than one consultation over this period. The 'annual contact rate' is the number of consultations with a GP each year. The chart shows the average annual contact rate ratio (age-standardised) for the minority ethnic groups, compared with the general population.

Men in the general population had an annual contact rate of 3.7. South Asian and Black Caribbean men had GP contact rates between one and a half (for Black Caribbean men) and three (for Bangladeshi men) times as high as men in the general population.
The annual GP contact rate for women in the general population was 5.6. Age-adjusted contact rates were significantly higher for South Asian and Irish women (rate ratios from 1.25 for Irish women to 1.84 for Pakistani women).

Source: The Health Survey of England 1999