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A person suffering a seizure may experience muscle spasms, may bite their tongue, may foam at the mouth, their eyes may roll up, face/lips turn blue and may lose bladder or bowel control.

Do not try to restrain the person or put anything in their mouth whilst they are suffering the seizure. Remove any furniture or equipment from within their vicinity and protect their head from injury. Once the episode has passed, check their breathing and circulation. Take appropriate steps according to the severity of their state. If they are feeling sleepy, allow them to relax and rest.

Generally anyone who faints will only be unconscious for a few seconds or a few minutes. If a person feels faint, do not let them fall down, instead help them sit or lie down. Abstain from giving them anything to drink yet. However, if the person does faint then lie them on their side and raise their feet 10-14 inches of the ground. Place a damp cloth on their forehead and loosen their clothing.

As the person comes round, calm them down and reassure them. Do not immediately let the person stand up, tell them to rise very slowly with your help. If the person does not recover sufficiently within 5 minutes or is elderly call for emergency medical assistance.