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Mosquito, midge or ant bites are usually red and have swelling around the affected area. Simply wash with soap and cool water. If swollen, cover with cold wet cloth.

Bee, hornet and wasp stings can include pain, redness, swelling, burning, itching. To remove a sting, use the edge of a credit card and scrape it across the area until it is removed. You can also use tweezers, but be careful not to inject further venom into the victim. Once again wash with cool water and soap. Apply ice pack to any swelling. If symptoms persist or severe itching ensues, visit your local GP

People can have serious allergic reactions to insect bites. This reaction could take place immediately or after a delay. Someone suffering an allergic reaction will have swelling around the affected area, possible swelling of the face and tongue, itchy hands or feet, breathing difficulties and faintness. Call the emergency services for medical assistance.